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X11, Window Managers "X.Org Server 1.11 was officially released this Friday evening. X.Org Server 1.11 was originally planned for released in mid August, but then the unfortunate passing of Keith Packard's mother (the X.Org release manager) led to a one-week delay. Our condolences go out to Keith Packard and his family. After numerous belated releases from X.Org in the past, a one week delay is nothing to complain about, especially considering the sad circumstance. While this is a new major X.Org Server release, it's mostly about bug-fixing. X Input 2.1 was delayed (with its touch-related features) to the next X.Org Server release (or later), there isn't any RandR extensions (after RandR 1.4 was restarted), and just nothing to get too excited over, besides addressing outstanding issues. Regardless, it's an improvement that incorporates six months of enhancements."
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binary drivers
by Gooberslot on Mon 29th Aug 2011 04:48 UTC
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This will probably break binary drivers for no reason.

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RE: binary drivers
by brynet on Mon 29th Aug 2011 05:01 in reply to "binary drivers"
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ABI compatibility should not be set in stone.

If that means vendors have to recompile their drivers, so be it.

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RE[2]: binary drivers
by Gooberslot on Mon 29th Aug 2011 05:19 in reply to "RE: binary drivers"
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Breaking compatibility for what is essentially a bugfix is just stupid IMO.

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RE: binary drivers
by dsmogor on Mon 29th Aug 2011 09:49 in reply to "binary drivers"
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People, who explicitly want Linux desktop (me included) can make an effort to get OSS supported hardware and with inevitable standardization of basic video HW (with the arrival of GPU enabled CPUs like SNB, IVB and LLiano) that should be trivial.
For others Linux PC desktop has long been irrelevant anyway. By the time Wayland becomes ubiquitous, not much people would miss nvidia PC linux support. At the same time nvidia will fully support their mobile chips on linux where it actually makes any impact.

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