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OSNews, Generic OSes The last time we did this, it was still 2010, so it's been a while. Since I'm having a hard time finding interesting things to write about today (unless you guys want a story about Apple losing another iPhone prototype at a bar, or about Samsung's god-given quest to launch a tablet/smartphone for each number between 3 and 10), let's do one of those old-fashioned and quaint 'show us your desktop!'-things. I'll start.
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RE[3]: Really Boring
by robertson on Fri 2nd Sep 2011 04:35 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Really Boring"
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Does anyone have any tips on how to set up "CDE Mode" on XFCE? I understand that before version 4, CDE mode was pretty much all there was, but that this has changed.

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RE[4]: Really Boring
by Icaria on Fri 2nd Sep 2011 04:54 in reply to "RE[3]: Really Boring"
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It's pretty much a neglected use case in Xfce, now. You can't really recreate the CDE/Xfce 1&2 panel any more, the 'minimise to desktop' implementation is pretty spartan. The above examples are about as close as you can get.

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