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Windows In the article on Windows 8, I already mentioned that in order to demonstrate the viability of Metro for something other than Facebook and Twitter, Microsoft should come up with a Metro interface for Microsoft Office - one that doesn't leave out 90% of Office's features. Well, Microsoft has hinted that they are, indeed, working on Metro Office. In addition, it turns out Microsoft isn't entirely sure to how to address the issue if legacy applications on ARM.
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RE[2]: .net
by malxau on Sat 17th Sep 2011 18:38 UTC in reply to "RE: .net"
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Actually, the .NET applications will stay as they are.
There won't be any recompiles since they are stored as bytecode.

This is a big advantage to develop in .NET - your apps will continue to run on x86 while also being able to run on Windows 8 in the future.

There are different issues here. It's true that .NET bytecode can run on any processor architecture, but that doesn't mean MS is committing to supporting desktop-based WinForms apps on ARM. Obviously the system would be leaner and meaner on ARM with as many pieces removed as possible, which directly affects compatibility. An entire set of .NET VMs (for different versions) on a tablet is quite a load. As the article said, either not decided or not announced.

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