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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Sources tell us that Nokia is developing a Linux-based replacement for its S40 phones, called Meltemi. The news was leaked, accurately, by the Wall Street Journal last week. Now we can confirm it. The thinking is that a Linux-based replacement for S40 will allow developers to tap into proven development tools - and Qt. The April memo referred to Meltemi as a platform for 'rich Featurephones' and stated that development will be centered in Ulm, Germany. There's no U-turn, however. Meltemi had been long-been touted as a richer successor to S40. Windows phones will occupy the budget smartphone segment, not Linux."
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RE: Confused.
by No it isnt on Wed 5th Oct 2011 21:48 UTC in reply to "Confused. "
No it isnt
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It won't be a simple feature phone OS. Lower end than Windows and Meego, sure, but built on Qt and therefore with a proper development environment. It would be silly to avoid taking advantage of it.

I read a Q&A with a Nokia rep today, who claimed that this new thing wouldn't be "reinventing gunpowder" (the Norwegian expression for reinventing the wheel), as the gunpowder in this case isn't Meego, but Qt and Swipe. Quotes (translations from the Norwegian all mine): "Meego is just the platform it [Qt] runs on"

"N9 is first and foremost a Qt product. We'll keep this going forward. So the innovations in the N9 will live on in various ways, in terms of both design and UI."

"As stated previously [re: Meltemi], we don't comment on rumours. What we have said is that Qt will be the framework and the base for app development in our strategy to give the next billion people access to the Internet on mobile devices. Today, applications for Symbian and the N9 are developed in Qt, and by making use of Qt in our future strategy, developers will have a potentially massive base for their applications.

So, rather something like Meego Harmattan without Meego. Stripped-down userspace, all Qt, is my guess (or wishful thinking, more likely). Then again, there will probably be more to it, perhaps less.

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RE[2]: Confused.
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Wed 5th Oct 2011 22:56 in reply to "RE: Confused. "
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Well, I love QT. Its a shame there is zero market for mobile apps using QT in the US/North America market despite that marketing statement.

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