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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless So, today I finally joined the ranks of millions and millions of Android users, meaning I now have access to three of the major mobile platforms (Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 7). I am, however, a complete Android noob, and I'm suspecting there will be many more Android noobs in the years to come - among OSNews readers as well. Hence, I figured this might be as good a time as any for an OSNews Asks item: Android all the things! Okay, technically that's not a question, but these are: what are the best Android applications? The most useful widgets? The most beautiful themes? Should you root your Android device? Is there any reason to add the Amazon App Store? Are there any tweaks to improve the Android experience? And so on.
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As a hardcore android user...
by Spoonman on Wed 12th Oct 2011 20:37 UTC
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...i have been with samsung androids since the Galaxy i7500 and can clearly give you some advice on if you want to root or not:

biggest reasons for rooting are either if you want to customize your device to a degree that can not be done with apps (remove bloatware, install themes do some in depth changes to the system), or if you want to run apps that require root permissions to do some tasks not possible without, i will list some of those apps later.

in my opinion a device without root access is not what an expirienced linux user would want, as with root you can access low level linux like on your desktop box. also i think it is even more secure to have your device rooted, as then every app that needs root rights (remember those malware apps in market that used an exploit to root the device without the user to recognize) will giuve you a popup and ask for permission. i think this would also have been tha case with those malware apps back then.

the apps i was talking about earlier:

1. Titanium Backup (can backup your apps including their data and market links, remove system apps eg bloatware, freeze apps if you dont need them atm...)
2. Tasker (a highly customizable scripting app that can control and automate virtually everything in your device, it replaces lots of small apps like power savers and such stuff, that need to run a process each and helps you to safe battery, can wipe your phone if it got lost, automate bluetooth, wifi and much more u and even i cant think about)
3. Root Explorer (a file manager for all areas of your phone)
4. AddFree (selfexplanatory, uses hosts file)
5. ClockSync (syncs with a ntp server automagically)
6. Samba Filesharing (imagine your phone mounted as a network drive)
7. DiskUsage (visualizes where your storage is gone)

also i recomend to think about using cyanogenmod, i am not sure how far the sgs2 port has evolved now, but the sgs1 port is close to perfect and way more resopnsive and feature rich than stock samsung firmware.
the new touchwiz launcher that comes with the sgs2 is a fine thing compared to its predecessor on the i9000, but you definitely should check out other launchers as well, LauncherPro was already mentioned, but also have a look at ADW Launcher and its pro variant ADW-EX.
For widgets i recomend Fancy Widgets and BatteryLeft all other stuff is depending on your personal likeings.
For me a media player has to work with folders as the md3 tags are very messy for me most of the time, thats why i use MortPlayer which is free on market and the MortPlayer Widget (seperate app)

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