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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless It all started with Apple/TechCrunch blogger M.G. Siegler making a huge fuss over something he didn't understand, and while that in and of itself isn't particularly interesting, one of the outcomes of this little internet drama is a comment on Google+ (the tenth one) that so perfectly encapsulates just how important Android is for the world that I felt the need to share it with you. It's the holiday season after all.
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RE: There's an asterisk!
by Splinter on Thu 29th Dec 2011 22:47 UTC in reply to "There's an asterisk!"
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You know this is exactly what Thom is getting at. ANY electronic manufacturer can produce a low cost (or high cost) phone that has full internet connectivity and the ability to load additional programs.

The impact on the WORLD will be huge. Remember the majority of the people in the WORLD do not live in already developed nations. The developing world has already skipped land lines, nearly all telecommunications infrastructure is wireless. It is this impact that Thom is talking about. Not can I build my own phone in my shed on a breadboard (btw I think you could with Android).

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