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Syllable, AtheOS "I have started to port the linux ACPI subsystem because ACPI is becoming more important now and slowly replaces subsystems like the pci routing table, multi-processor table and apm. The Linux ACPI code is based on the os independent intel reference implementation and so the port has been very easy (and fast to do) so far. Currently the ACPI busmanager contains the basic acpi code (about 90% of the code)."
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RE: Erm...
by on Sun 23rd Oct 2005 16:15 UTC in reply to "Erm..."

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My question, on the other hand, is which would you suggest yourself? (it worked on three laptops I had in hands)

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RE[2]: Erm...
by remenic on Sun 23rd Oct 2005 19:12 in reply to "RE: Erm..."
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I'd suggest reverse engineering the implementation all manufacturers test with.

Either you got very lucky with your laptops, or you never used much functionality of ACPI. Did STR work?

I'd like to know which laptops you tried it on.

Then again, you claim it worked (did you sell the laptops, or did it stop working after a while?) on three laptops you had in hands. But you never said how many you had on which it didn't work ;)

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RE[3]: Erm...
by rayiner on Sun 23rd Oct 2005 19:37 in reply to "RE[2]: Erm..."
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I'd suggest reverse engineering the implementation all manufacturers test with.

That'd be the Windows one. Good luck reverse-engineering that piece of crap.*

*) No, "piece of crap" is not too harsh. NVIDIA and ATI manage to build implementations of OpenGL compatible with SGI's reference implementation. The fact that Microsoft's isn't compatible with Intel's reference implementation (when ACPI is an Intel technology!) suggests that their programmers are either too stupid to implement the spec properly, or too arrogant to care.

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RE[3]: Erm...
by mjg59 on Sun 23rd Oct 2005 19:46 in reply to "RE[2]: Erm..."
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Of the ~30 laptops that Ubuntu tested for 5.10 (see ), ACPI suspend to RAM works on 25 of them. That doesn't strike me as too bad.

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RE[3]: Erm...
by AdamW on Mon 24th Oct 2005 07:43 in reply to "RE[2]: Erm..."
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The problem with ACPI implementations is that everyone is implementing it. The hardware manufacturer and the operating system are both 'implementing' the ACPI standard. The problem is that it's just not a very well designed standard, and it's entirely possible for everyon to do a reasonable approximation of 'implementing' the ACPI standard, and then find that their bits don't work with each other. Of course, all the hardware manufacturers usually care about is whether their implementation works with Microsoft's implementation...even if it doesn't work with Linux's, or BSD's, or Syllable's.

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