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General Development "Today Mozilla and the Rust community are releasing version 0.1 of the Rust compiler and associated tools. Rust is a strongly-typed systems programming language with a focus on memory safety and concurrency. This is the initial release of the compiler after a multi-year development cycle focusing on self-hosting, implementation of major features, and solidifying the syntax. Version 0.1 should be considered an alpha release, suitable for early adopters and language enthusiasts. It's nifty, but it will still eat your laundry."
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Hope it fails.
by reduz on Wed 25th Jan 2012 16:51 UTC
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When the documentation of a language starts by showing all the cool stuff you can do which isn't possible in other languages (like mixing up stataments/expressions so wildly) the language usually sucks. Stuff such as:

let x = if the_stars_align() { 4 }
else if something_else() { 3 }
else { 0 };

Is not useful, it's unreadable language programmer ego masturbation.

I'd rather a language intentionally AVOIDS from allowing you to do all this stuff and forces you to write more code, that is more to the point and readable. After all, programmers don't spend most time writing code but thinking what to write.

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RE: Hope it fails.
by AnyoneEB on Thu 26th Jan 2012 00:43 in reply to "Hope it fails."
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I am not sure what your problem is. That if expression is nearly identical to the equivalent OCaml, which makes sense for a language trying to discourage the use of mutable variables.

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