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Window Managers After six years, development on Window Maker has picked up again. Other than mere bug fixes, the two new releases (so far) also include lots of code cleanup and, yes, new features as well. Welcome back!
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Minimize/Maximize Buttons?
by ozonehole on Sun 19th Feb 2012 01:01 UTC
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I'm genuinely interested, not trolling, but...

I tried WindowMaker long ago, and I recall that minimize/maximize buttons were totally lacking. To me that was fatal flaw, and I quickly went elsewhere (IceWM). Now I just went over to and the menu bar displayed on the home page also lacks the minimize/maximize buttons.

So I'm wondering - many people here say that WindowMaker is very configurable, so I'd like to ask if there is some way for a user to turn on this desired feature? If not, what is the trick to minimize/maximize? I'm sure there is some way to do it, though it doesn't appear to be intuitive.

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RE: Minimize/Maximize Buttons?
by darseex on Sun 19th Feb 2012 09:39 in reply to "Minimize/Maximize Buttons?"
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As far as I know, you just click the square on the left and it docks the window. Or... turns it into a mini-window, or.. whatever. I'm not an expert. I tried it for two minutes back in 2003, hated it (I was coming fresh from Windows), and am only just now trying it again.

Maximizing... that's trickier. You have to right-click on the title bar to get to that.

Honestly though, Window Maker doesn't seem to play very well with maximized windows. I mean yeah, it works, but it covers up the icons at the bottom by default.

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RE: Minimize/Maximize Buttons?
by drcouzelis on Sun 19th Feb 2012 19:10 in reply to "Minimize/Maximize Buttons?"
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The button on the left of the title bar is the "iconify" button. It will minimize the window into a miniwindow. There isn't a maximize button on the title bar, nor is there an option to add one, although you can create a keyboard shortcut for it.

Right clicking on the title bar provides options to maximize, miniaturize, shade, hide (into the dock icon), and so on. You can assign keyboard shortcuts to all of these actions.

You can also assign keyboard shortcuts to maximize vertically or horizontall, maximize to the left half or right half of the screen, or do tiled maximizing, among other things.

The default is to maximize over miniwindows but not over the dock. The dock is what allows you to change between applications (in a sense). Even so, you have the option to maximize over the dock if you'd like.

I'm so grateful for Window Maker providing a user interface that isn't just a slightly modified version of the Windows 95 user interface. I think there's enough of them. ;)

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RE[2]: Minimize/Maximize Buttons?
by zima on Thu 23rd Feb 2012 00:12 in reply to "RE: Minimize/Maximize Buttons?"
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It wouldn't hurt if you could put buttons of your choosing on the title bar, for some of those options (in an environment, in the end, very mouse-oriented) ...oh well.

What Window Maker emulates comes essentially from the very beginnings of GUI, there were some improvements in the meantime (yeah, that includes even Windows 95 ;p )

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