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Amiga & AROS "The Timberwolf team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the first beta version of Timberwolf 4.0.1. Timberwolf is an AmigaOS web browser based on Firefox/Mozilla technology. This technology is more than just a browser, it is an enabling technology, bringing powerful tools such as html5, WebM, JavaScript, XUL, and more to AmigaOS 4.x. These are the building blocks for other applications as well, such as the email client 'Thunderbird' or the media center 'Songbird'. This first beta release includes almost the full functionality of the browser, allowing style-sheet enabled web browsing, secure connections, use of Firefox add-on and more."
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RE[2]: Not open source...
by Cymro on Thu 8th Mar 2012 10:21 UTC in reply to "RE: Not open source..."
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I think people just shouted at the developers instead of asking first if they'd release their code. They're not required to release it, so I don't blame them.

There's also a superb WebKit-based browser on MorphOS, which was ported to OS4 (though the OS4 version misses a few features like HTML5 video). AROS should be getting a port before too long - the two Zune bounties required are already in progress.

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