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Privacy, Security, Encryption "And just when you thought the whole Stuxnet/Duqu trojan saga couldn't get any crazier, a security firm who has been analyzing Duqu writes that it employs a programming language that they've never seen before." Pretty crazy, especially when you consider what some think the mystery language looks like "The unknown c++ looks like the older IBM compilers found in OS400 SYS38 and the oldest sys36.The C++ code was used to write the tcp/ip stack for the operating system and all of the communications."
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Hacking culture
by acobar on Mon 12th Mar 2012 20:09 UTC
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I enjoy a lot reading about hacking. It is something telling about the complexity of current browsers and the protocols we use when people can break in exploiting just vulnerabilities on them. There is something really wrong with all this mess.

Another day I went to some small business to check what was happening on their internal network because they were having all sorts of trouble. Result was, their server was hacked, nothing special I thought being it a Windows Server 2003, the funny part is that the hacker used the server to reconfigure their router, disabling the web interface of it and re-routing the traffic through a rogue DNS server. How clever! The irritating part is that only after they call me later because something was wrong again that I checked the damn thing. Had to reset it and update the firmware "just in case". To all people here: don't leave your router with default or easy passwords! (They were not using default passwords, but I guess the guy that break in was able to sniff it from monitoring their activities).

Hey Thom, what about an interview with PinkiePie (from Chrome hacking, perhaps he is relative to rose unicorns you used to like)?

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RE: Hacking culture
by Lennie on Mon 12th Mar 2012 22:12 in reply to "Hacking culture"
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In that case you should look at this article, it has the image PinkiePie used in the contest. It is the exploit at work:

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RE[2]: Hacking culture
by acobar on Mon 12th Mar 2012 22:21 in reply to "RE: Hacking culture"
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I already ready it. And also the comments, what have very good comments an links. I was thinking about a little more long and informative interview.

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