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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Because I've been spending days browsing through XDA, reading CM changelogs, and flashing nightly builds, I'm still in an Android state of mind, so excuse me for more talk on the subject. An interesting study has been performed which found that advertisements in Android applications are a huge battery drain - they account for up to 75% of an application's battery usage.
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Comment by Tractor
by Tractor on Wed 21st Mar 2012 09:23 UTC
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I'm not sure that "battery drain" is the best reason to cut off ads. It's a good enough one, but there are even more important ones.

You may more legitimately complain about the bandwidth cost of these ads and trackers, which is a real killer. It ends up on Your bill. Require a refund !

I'm the kind of person who believe there are even better reasons :
- you may complain about the simple fact of being tracked, something which by the way is illegal in many countries, but nonetheless done by unscrupulous ad agencies
- and what about the visual nuisance of these ads, why should i let my brain be noised by these forged lies (although on this last point, it is completely dependant on the application layout, some doing much better than others)

Inoquitous ads are, in my opinion, acceptable. Prominent ones are not, and alas it is the norm in this shitty industry.
I'm not even mentioning "tricky ads", which tries to make you "click" on them by inadvertance, putting the layout where your fingers have the most chances to be present, to generate inflated trafic and revenue.

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