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FreeBSD Rink Springer would like to see his Xbox port migrated into FreeBSD-current. He is looking to import his FreeBSD/Xbox within the FreeBSD/i386 port, bringing support into FreeBSD-CURRENT. He is proposing a prioritized plan in order to accomplish this goal and is looking for your comments and feedback.
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RE: Re: yes, it's useful
by Lazarus on Wed 26th Oct 2005 03:05 UTC in reply to "Re: yes, it's useful"
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"xbox has a 733Mhz Intel processor inside it - it is not strictly speaking a new architecture, and there are already *useful* architectures being supported"

The amount of code in the port is not substantial. It's really inconsequential compared to the size of the rest of the source.

"PC-BSD and DesktopBSD could add the necessary patches to their own source if they really want to support xbox, without cluttering up FreeBSD's source with support for a piece of hardware that is already obsolete."

Sources for various archs are in their own directories, so integrating this port would hardly clutter up FreeBSD's source tree. This concept hasn't fallen under the term "computer science" in my lifetime (and I'm old enough to have creaky joints ;^), and it's laughable that you see it as a problem.

"So no, making FreeBSD work on xbox is neither cool nor useful."

Not for you, but obviously it is to somebody, or else it wouldn't have been done. Don't believe what telescopes tell you. You're not the center of the Universe, and your opinion on any given matter means nothing as you're not doing the work.

Sitting back and complaining is not a meaningful contribution.

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