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In the News "Ferdinand A. Porsche, who designed the original Porsche 911, the snazzy, powerful sports car that became the lasting signature of the German automobile company founded by his grandfather and later run by his father, died on Thursday in Salzburg, Austria. He was 76." I believe only Italians can design beautiful cars (I mean, game over, kids), but there's no denying that the 911 is a true icon. Cars technically don't have a place on OSNews, but Ferdinand Porsche's passing cannot go by unmentioned.
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by Neolander on Sat 7th Apr 2012 12:29 UTC
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Since things can hardly get more off-topic than this topic on OSnews, I guess that now is the best time to ask this question to our readers who know about Indian cooking :

When you make lamb byrianis, what part of the lamb do you use ? My butcher tends to give me shoulder, which tastes good, but takes a long time to prepare and is a bit expensive due to its low meat/fat and bone ratio...

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RE: Off-topic
by righard on Sat 7th Apr 2012 16:50 in reply to "Off-topic"
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never mind that

i think my nose is gly it is totally larger than the noses of most of my friends now ive been hanging out with this girl and ot wanted to ask her ot bt all of her friends are into gotics and dont know abot her thogh but she said want a hes cte bt not to me bt a person who had like a black shirt and was like totally black like even his shoes

so now ive wear nothing bt black clothes and listen to avril lavigne bt the friends of that girl call me a wannebee even though iam not becase i said that things like pop msic is so lame and police shold finds other things to do becase there atority and that is totally lame like yo know whatever too i think they call me wannabee becase of my nose i look at music stars for gotics they have small noses

i really really like to become a gotic now bt how do i do that withot beying called a wannabee???????????????????????????????????????

sorry my key is broken so i cant type the letter .bye

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RE: Off-topic
by Digsbo on Sat 7th Apr 2012 17:07 in reply to "Off-topic"
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It's so hard to get lamb here (northeast USA) I can't imagine even having a choice. Leg or chop. Where do you shop?

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RE[2]: Off-topic
by Neolander on Sat 7th Apr 2012 18:43 in reply to "RE: Off-topic"
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It's so hard to get lamb here (northeast USA) I can't imagine even having a choice. Leg or chop. Where do you shop?

In Grenoble, south-east of France. Here, it is fairly common to find small butchers on the sides of large streets. You pay more there than in supermarkets, but in return you get meat of higher quality, and a much larger choice of body parts.

Due to the increasing popularity of Islam, it gets harder to find a butcher that will sell you pork though, particularly if you live in the poorer districts of a city. But there's still plenty of good stuff to be done with beef, lamb and chicken anyway ;)

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