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Apple Interesting set of options Apple has to move the iPhone to a 4" display, as detailed by Dan Provost. I don't care how Apple does it, as long as they do it. The iPhone's tiny screen is nearly unusable once I got used to the 4.3" of my HD7 and SII. This is quite a personal choice, of course, and there's no right or wrong, but it's clear there is a demand for larger displays.
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by Beta on Mon 16th Apr 2012 17:46 UTC
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Is this related? ;)

Edward O'Connor (Apple) is asking for a new feature for canvas to store pixel ratio. window.devicePixelRatio expresses the ratio of device pixels to CSS pixels. This new feature would express the ratio of backing store pixels to CSS pixels.

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RE: Maybe.
by steve_s on Tue 17th Apr 2012 09:54 in reply to "Maybe."
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Not related.

This is a problem that affects existing devices just as much as it'd affect a new iPhone.

Original iOS devices have a pixel ratio of 1, but HD iOS devices have a ratio of 2. There's also a bunch of Android devices that sit somewhere inbetween 1 and 2.

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