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Games While many won't understand the significance of this, this really is kind of a big deal. After accidentally stumbling on the source code for the original Prince of Persia, its creator, Jordan Mechner, has released it as open source. It took some magic to get the code, written in Apple II assembly, off the 23-year old disks. Prince of Persia created an entire genre and left an impression on the games industry that lasts to this very day. Having the original code out and about is huge.
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RE: Why not the pc version?
by steve_s on Tue 17th Apr 2012 09:46 UTC in reply to "Why not the pc version?"
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The PC version will be a completely different codebase.

The Apple ][ source code that's been posted to github is all in 6502 assembler. PC's ran (and still run) on x86. Even all the graphics are encoded into 6502 assembler - there'd be zero common code between the two versions.

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