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Windows Microsoft has detailed some of its new policies to improve the Windows Phone Marketplace, and this one, about possibly sexual content, stood out to me: "We think the right solution is (a) to be transparent about what's acceptable and (b) to show the right merchandise to the right customer in the right place. Our content policies are clearly spelled out: we don't allow apps containing 'sexually suggestive or provocative' images or content. What we do permit is the kind of content you occasionally see on prime-time TV or the pages of a magazine's swimsuit issue." This is one of my major issues with application stores: American values are archaic and puritan compared to where I'm from, but the application stores we use are still subject to them. I wonder if two kissing men are considered to be "sexually suggestive", "provocative", "racy", or "inappropriate" by American standards.
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Would you be so loud in your defense of (neo)Nazi apps to Germany, or to the USA? Tobacco apps? Methlab howtos?

Yes, because a few tits or kissing men is totally the same as nazism and meth. Totally.

As for tobacco - I don't care. If people want to smoke, let them. It's their body, not mine or the state's.

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