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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Ballmer's visit takes place shortly after LG Electronics' executive said during an earnings conference session last week that the company is planning to focus on smartphones running on Google's Android mobile operating system. The executive also said LG is taking a step back from Windows phones powered by Microsoft's platform, adding that it will 'continue research and development efforts' on Windows Phones." Anyone surprised by this should have their peepers checked.
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LG today denies these reports
by MollyC on Tue 1st May 2012 19:07 UTC
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LG says they'll still make WP phones, but will concentrate on Android since that's where the demand is (which is the stance LG has always taken (they only make two WP phones anyway, it's not like they were focused on WP at all)).

"None of it is true. Korea Herald is showing its speculative side again. We are still on board with Windows Phone, but right now, we’re focusing on Android because that’s where the demand is.
Regardless of which OS, LG is committed to offering consumers as wide a choice as possible."

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