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Google Two interesting reviews of the new Chrome OS and new hardware. The general gist? While we're all busy focussing on Android, Chrome OS keeps getting better and better - even though it's not there quite yet. Nuance is in the final verdict - The Verge claims it's almost there: "Google is closer than ever to convincing the world that we can live online, that we can do away with the old hard drives and local apps and spend our lives on the web." ReadWriteWeb is already convinced: "The point is, Chrome OS is ready for the market." I have to admit that, for the first time, I feel somewhat compelled by Chrome OS.
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War on General Purpose Computing
by braddock on Wed 30th May 2012 00:12 UTC
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Chrome OS is not on the right side of the "war on general purpose computing".

This is a platform in which if you do manage to install dual-boot linux or do other customization, Netflix stops working under Chrome OS because you had to turn off the OS image signing check in the bootloader.

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That's so stupid. Any business model that relies on simultaneously withholding and selling information is eventually going to get devoured by the internet.

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