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Windows So, the Microsoft announcement - taking place as I write this, 01:45 in my timezone - turns out to be a bigger deal than expected. Microsoft just announced it's going full-on hardware - the company announced a new tablet called 'Surface', and boy, is this thing something to behold. Microsoft's hardware partners? They're not happy right now. Update: Here's Microsoft's official Surface site. I believe someone coined the phrase 'sexy as a succubus' in the comments about Vizio? Stealin' it! Update II: They aren't just taking the iPad head-on - this is a straight-up MacBook Air competitor.
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RE: Alternate reality
by BlueofRainbow on Tue 19th Jun 2012 20:42 UTC in reply to "Alternate reality"
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I am also surprised by the comments made here.

However, I don't think this is as simplistic as you are making it to be.

It is a tablet but not Android nor iOS (unless it can freed from its secure boot). Oups - was forgetting RIM's Playbook as a third (distant) alternative .....

There is no legacy X86 apps and code on the Windows 8 for the ARM architecture.

If this product takes off, then it would not be surprising if Windows 8 is the last X86 capable one and essentially the end of the desktop as a user interface metaphor (for Microsoft).

Would I buy one? Likely not - I'll await for a clone especially if it can be jailbroken. I desire the device but not the default OS which will come with it. After 20 years on corporate enforced Windows - I want to be free.

By-the-way, aren't there rumors going around about Apple ditching the X86 architecture and moving to ARM for everything?

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RE[2]: Alternate reality
by Nelson on Tue 19th Jun 2012 20:53 in reply to "RE: Alternate reality"
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There are actually two Surface models.

The higher end one has:

- A full HD 1080p screen (with bonded glass and great viewing angles)
- 64 GB and 128GB of storage
- DisplayPort for outputting greater than 1080p
- A 22nm Core i5 processor which bests anything in any ultrabook announced
- Micro SDCX port
- Support for legacy Windows applications
- Pen digitizer support for writing

It is the uber tablet for productivity

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RE[3]: Alternate reality
by Treza on Tue 19th Jun 2012 22:49 in reply to "RE[2]: Alternate reality"
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You've forgotten :

- An insane price

I'm not sure that the "ultimate" device which can do everything and replace eBooks, LCD tablets, laptops and desktops (connected to a large screen) actually exists. With its small screen, the current Surface will hardly be as "productive" as a 500$ laptop with a 15" screen.

In some respects, with the "cloud" and portable removable media, such thing does not need to exist : Different devices to access your data.

Depending on the success (or lack thereof) of this product, Microsoft may decide to go the Apple way and restrict some of its software to Microsoft branded hardware. They do that for Xbox, they may do that for phones once they put their hands on Nokia, they may be tempted to do that for tablets : Hubris...

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