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OSNews, Generic OSes "If you want to get involved in business," Sen. Orrin Hatch warned technology companies at a conference in 2000, "you should get involved in politics." Hatch was referring to the shortcomings of then-software king Microsoft, which he had spent most of the previous decade harassing from his perch as Judiciary Committee chairman. The message was clear: If you become successful, you must hire lobbyists, you must start a political action committee, and you must donate to politicians. Otherwise Washington will make your life very difficult.
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The US political system is largely driven by lobbyists. They effectively wield veto power over any legislation they don't like.

The result is that any large company -- in ANY field -- must lobby to remain successful. The great Orin Hatch is Exhibit A for this corrupted system.

We've always had lobbyists but most observers agree it's reached a critical point. Unless we change this situation it is unlikely we can address our debt and declining standard of living.

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