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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless According to, internal documents from RIM have been leaked, revealing the screen sizes and form factors of two phones planned for commercial release.
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RE[2]: Comment by itanic
by Morgan on Wed 27th Jun 2012 14:14 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by itanic"
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I know people who use GB of data but only use about 100 minutes of talk a month.

You must have seen my phone bill! ;) That is what my usage pattern looks like, along with a few thousand texts per month.

But, those 50-100 voice minutes I use each month are critical. If I was stuck with a device that was rock-solid on the texting/data front, but wouldn't allow me to reliably communicate by voice when it became necessary, it would be a broken device as far as I was concerned. And when that has happened to me in the past, I moved to a working device.

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