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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Sorry for the delay in writing a story about this, but here we finally are: Nokia's MeeGo (or Maemo or whatever it's called this hour) is getting its successor. Yes, MeeGo, the short-lived but beloved platform running on the unicorn phone, the Nokia N9, will continue onwards in a slightly different form. Its new home? Jolla - a company formed by former Nokia chief operating officer Marc Dillon, who was the principal engineer for MeeGo/Maemo at Nokia since 2006.
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RE[2]: New Phone
by Savior on Tue 10th Jul 2012 11:47 UTC in reply to "RE: New Phone"
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Battery drainage depends so much on use with smartphones. If you use all kinds of push sevices and stay connected to Google Talk all the time, it will drain your batteries a bit. Do the same in an area with flaky GSM reception, and the N9 with gulp down the battery juice in no time. Others will do the same, but YMMV.

True. My Defy w/ CM7 and a vm_size set to 8k lasts a week in standby. However, I don't think it would last two hours if I started to play.

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RE[3]: New Phone
by dsmogor on Tue 10th Jul 2012 12:48 in reply to "RE[2]: New Phone"
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Why such low vmsize? Aren't apps crashing with this?

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RE[4]: New Phone
by Savior on Thu 12th Jul 2012 16:29 in reply to "RE[3]: New Phone"
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Sorry, the name of the parameter is vm.min_free_kbytes. I had to modify it because Maps (or only Navigation?) was crashing after I had used it for ~30 minutes. I googled up the problem, and according to several sites, the solution was to increase it from 1024/2048 to 4096. And so I did.

What's great is that battery life increased from 4 days to 7 (less GC?). On the downside, Navigation now crashes after about 5-10 minutes. ;)

Do you have any idea what's the right setting for this parameter?

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