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RISC OS Good news for Raspberry Pi owners (ha!): the RISC OS port is progressing along nicely. So much so, in fact, that a Raspberry Pi-based RISC OS machine is in the works. Stable beta release of RISC OS for the Pi planned for September!
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by henderson101 on Mon 16th Jul 2012 22:28 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: RISCOS"
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In 1992, yes. In 2002, not really. In 2012, you are insane. Pretty much as the Amiga nuts are (I was one of those too in the '90s, though I just played games mainly....)

Given that I stopped using RISCOS at 3.7, or whatever point version was on the A7000, it's horribly dated. Crashy, due to lack of memory protection. Half the legacy apps I used when I was a kid don't even work anymore because those older machines were 26bit, not 32bit. It was truly horrible and saddening to use.

The OS metaphore is not user friendly. What if I don't want to use drag and drop? I remember it being a total PITA to use on a Floppy only system. I think saying anything other than "unique" is total BS.

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by theinonen on Tue 17th Jul 2012 05:35 in reply to "RE[3]: RISCOS"
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There is always Aemulator that can be used to run those older 26-bit software, but in my opinion all the major RISC OS software has been converted to 32-bit nowdays anyway.

In most cases, for example when saving files you can just type the path before the filename instead of dragging and dropping.

And seriously A7000 is an old system now and the user experience is not even close to IYONIX or some other newer system. RISC OS has also gone forwards after the 3.7 and I would not even consider anything below the 4.39 version.

For me the best parts of RISC OS are the applications. Software like ProCAD+, ArtWorks 2, Compo, Techwriter, Photodesk and many others. For an hobby OS there are still many things you can do with it and do those things very well. Instead of all the negative points and focusing on those things that can not be done, why not focus on those things that can be done?

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by henderson101 on Tue 17th Jul 2012 10:51 in reply to "RE[4]: RISCOS"
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RISCOS hasn't really changed all that much. What has changed is the underlying hardware. That's all.

Instead of all the negative points and focusing on those things that can not be done, why not focus on those things that can be done?

But that wouldn't be OSRude ^H^H^H^H News, would it?

I'll turn this one around: instead of beating a dead horse, why not buy in to a computer system that can do everything you need? No one is saying it has to be a specific platform. Pick one that does what you need, rather than a subset that is a compromise **. I love BeOS with all my heart, but I'm not about to use ArtPaint over Photoshop just to flagulate myself and be a martyr. And believe me, I compiled ArtPaint from source and *made* it work on the PowerPC architecture - more successfully that the original author (who bungled the way the add-in API linking worked for the Metrowerks PowerPC C++ compiler.)

** And if you *really* believe that is RISCOS, fair play. I hope you can cobble together enough viable software still in 5 years time.

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