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Apple Mat Honan got hacked, and lost all the data on his MacBook, iPad, and iPhone. How? Somebody broke into his iCloud account. Brute force attack? Simple password? No, not really - the hacker called Apple tech support, and convinced the person on the phone he was really Mat Honan. Apple then reset the iCloud password. The dangers of a monoculture, kids. Even Steve Wozniak has doubts about everything going into the cloud.
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RE[4]: oh, FFS...
by maccouch on Mon 6th Aug 2012 14:59 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: oh, FFS..."
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Thom, he lost his data because he installed "remotely wipe" solutions on his devices that were linked to one of his mail accounts.

i've just shown you that you can install similar applications on other OSes and devices and they all behave the same and they all are linked to your webmail.

Apple's fault here is the original reset of his password. That's dumb. i'm not sure if they could have avoided it, considering the kind of safety features for this kind of systems (i can't stop bitching about "what' my pet name" questions). But apart from that Apple is as guilty as any other provider of the same services. which is none. they did what they were asked by what they believed was the user.

Remotely wipe solutions are solutions for protecting the data in your physical computer from getting in the hands of thieves. they are not designed to prevent you loosing access to your webmail accounts.


and just for the record, Mac OS X is currently my favourite system. Apple is just the company that does it. I find less fault in their computer systems than with other vendors, but i sure hell don't trust them or "like" them nor are they my "favourite company". they provide me with what i want. for now. the way things are going not sure if that will last for a long time.

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