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Windows "Despite the fact that I've been using Windows 8 for the past three weeks, I somehow managed to overlook a rather stark feature in the OS: ads. No, we're not talking about ads cluttering up the desktop or login screen (thankfully), but rather ads that can be found inside of some Modern UI apps that Windows ships with. That includes Finance, Weather, Travel, News and so forth. Is it a problem? Let's tackle this from a couple of different angles." Hadn't seen them either - I don't use those applications - but this is pretty despicable.
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RE[4]: Comment by ilovebeer
by ilovebeer on Sun 11th Nov 2012 17:01 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by ilovebeer"
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I'm not sure if you disagree with me or not because that's the only thing I stated and you made no mention of it what-so-ever. That being the case, I'm not sure why you replied to my post.

In response to an article about advertising and Microsoft/Windows; you suggest that people are complaining simply because Microsoft is involved (and by extension, that people aren't complaining because of advertising).

I neither said nor implied people aren't complaining because of advertising. That is something you injected yourself. I made no reference to the advertising complaint.

In response to your response; I suggest that people are complaining simply because of inappropriate advertising (and by extension, that people aren't complaining simply because Microsoft is responsible, and that you were wrong).

When you read a post and start inserting words or ideas that don't actually exist in that post, then construct replies based on that, you are basically replying to nothing, as is the case here.

Btw, at least a few people here have admitted they bash Microsoft simply because it's Microsoft regardless of the degree to which there's a legitimate complaint (or not). Therefore, what I posted is 100% accurate and in line with what people have admitted themselves. So no, I'm not wrong.

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