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Windows So, last night, Windows Phone 8 got its first update - specifically for the HTC 8X. In this day and age, where iOS is the gold standard and shows the industry how it ought to be done, and Android is the exact opposite, Windows Phone 7 was a bit of an in-between - every phone got every update, but the staggered rollout was slow and frustrating, often due to carrier meddling. How will Windows Phone 8 fare?
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RE[11]: Nexus Line
by Nelson on Thu 13th Dec 2012 01:18 UTC in reply to "RE[10]: Nexus Line"
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And yet that is exactly what you keep on doing.

So basically, if I understand the gist of your argument, a comparison is only "fair" so long it makes the Microsoft product look good. Got it.

No. I said its unfair to say that Microsoft is in the same situation as Google with regards to timely updates because there is no such situation with Windows Phone.

Google stands on its own in being terrible at updates. Microsoft is reasonably good, with iOS being slightly better.

Google's upgrade policies may suck for some devices, but implying that Microsoft has a better track record is silly. Specially since the crux for your argument was something that had nothing to do with being the result of software upgrades: brand new users to that platform. Which is what I was pointing out, and since it destroyed your argument you keep trying to dismiss as "snark."

Microsoft does have a better track record. You proved nothing. Especially since there are large swathes of my comment you conveniently refused to address.

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