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Google A blog post on the Free Software Foundation Europe site is making the rounds around the web. The blog post, written by Torsten Grote, claims that 'the Android SDK is now proprietary', because upon download, you have to agree to terms and conditions which are clearly not compatible with free and/or open source software. What Grote fails to mention - one, these terms have mostly always been here, and two, they only apply to the SDK binaries. The source is still freely available.
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RE[2]: No.
by Nelson on Fri 4th Jan 2013 19:00 UTC in reply to "RE: No."
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The Replicant SDK is not the Android SDK. It is an offshoot SDK for an offshoot distribution to Android. The owner of the project agrees with me.

The Android SDK, which is exactly what is being criticized, contains a license agreement you need to agree upon to be able to use.

Not that I care, it's stupid to complain about agreeing to a license agreement. This is much ado about nothing.

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