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KDE I tend to believe that the best interfaces have already been made. Behaviourally, CDE is the best and most consistent interface ever made. It looked like ass, but it always did exactly as you told it to, and it never did anything unexpected. When it comes to looks, however, the gold standard comes from an entirely different corner - Apple's Platinum and QNX' PhotonUI. Between all the transparency, flat-because-it's-hip, and stitched leather violence of the past few years, one specific KDE theme stood alone in bringing the best of '90s UI design into the 21st century, and updating it to give everything else a run for its money. This is an ode to Christoph Feck's Skulpture.
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by WereCatf on Fri 4th Jan 2013 19:19 UTC
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I was about to write a long, displeased comment about how much KDE still sucks, but I'll just leave the following wishes here:

* Fix the stability-issues of Plasma. I can *still* crash it whenever I feel like it.
* Consolidate settings and group them into sane, coherent categories.
* Come up with a proper file-format for all the various theming files and settings inside it so that an end-user can just point the system to install that file and have all of its contents placed in their proper places.
* Actually work on making KDE4 intuitive and discoverable. Heck, even the people I asked over at #kde who have regularly used the desktop for years don't know how e.g. activities work! Now, take someone who isn't used to KDEisms -- like me -- and the whole desktop feels like a total clusterfuck.

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