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Microsoft "Microsoft has been absolutely pummeled in the press and in reader comments this week by pundits and customers alike. They feel cheated by the amount of free storage space available to them on the new line of Surface Pro devices. But is that criticism fair or even valid?" Spoiler alert: turns out, it isn't. Both devices have about the same free space available, and by creating a USB restore drive for Windows on the Surface, you can actually get a little more on the Surface Pro. Interestingly enough, Microsoft confirmed on Reddit that their original numbers - which caused the ruckus - were wrong, because they were based on pre-production hardware, with debug code and other additional stuff on it. Oh Microsoft.
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The recovery partition is larger than the installed OS? Surely these folk have heard of compression?

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cyrilleberger Member since:

12GB(recovery) < 20GB (OS+Office) so yeah, there is compression.

But why, in 2013, they sill haven't manage to develop an OS that don't need to be reinstall every now and then is beyond my understanding.

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Drumhellar Member since:

It only needs to be reinstalled now and then because many people don't know not to install utter crap on their home computers.

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lucas_maximus Member since:

Been running since 2009 with no issues Win 7, Upgraded to 8 on the same hardrive late last year.

I have replaced the Graphics card twice, it been through 1 processor replacement and a new case in that time (thanks to the removal men dropping my cooler-master case).

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