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Mozilla & Gecko clones "Jay Sullivan, Mozilla's VP of Product, has revealed that the not-for-profit organization is not going to build an iOS version of its Firefox web browser as long as Apple doesn't mend its unfriendly ways towards third party browsers." So that would most likely be never.
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RE: I won't shed any tears
by Lennie on Sun 10th Mar 2013 19:26 UTC in reply to "I won't shed any tears"
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1. competition is good.

2. I believe Chrome as any browser can only use the existing already installed iOS libraries. So there is no v8 on iOS. They all use the same rendering- and javascript-engine. Even worse, HTML5 hybrid-apps aren't even allowed to use the full capabilities as you can with HTML5 in the browser on iOS. Let's just say Apple is pretty strict.

3. There aren't many benchmarks, but the ones I've seen show Firefox on Android is actually faster than Chrome on Android.

4. Firefox on the desktop usually uses less memory than Chrome these days (Chrome memory uses has increased, Firefox has decreased). Depending on addons it is still possible that Firefox will leak memory though, but these problems have become less and less of a problem they fixed most of those problems.

So I wouldn't just blatantly dismiss it.

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