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Windows In an unexpected turn of events, we're seeing 'FUD' being spread about Microsoft, for once. Lots of articles on the web highlighting how the support lifecycle for Window Phone 7/8 and 8 is to end in July 2014, as if WP8 devices won't be getting any updates beyond that point. This already seemed unlikely early to me, and with my magical unicorn powers of, you know, common sense I already made the assumption that this only applies to versions 7.8 and 8.0 - not 8.5 or 9.0 or whatever the next version will be. WMPowerUser shares my unicorn powers: "On the other hand the OS support date is reset with any never version of the OS, so a Windows Phone 8.5 or 9 update in November 2013 would bring along its own 18 month of security updates. Microsoft has already promised all current Windows Phone 8 handsets will receive the next major version of the operating system."
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The fact that users even have to WORRY, AT ALL, about being left behind is a clear warning to Microsoft! They need to get ahead of this, NOW, and announce OFFICIALLY, that WP8 users will have an upgrade path to 8.5 or 9!

I don't think users worry about this much, from a users perspective, they received a healthy list of updates. Especially if they adopted really early and bought a first gen Windows Phone device.

They burnt users TWICE in the space of three years already. Once when they abandoned Windows Mobile, and then again, 2 years later, they did the same thing to Windows Phone 7. (worse, they held out Windows 7.8 as mitigation, only to have that update be delayed and have it's own problems!)

Oh come on, the Windows Mobile update situation was always non existent. Downloading and flashing an obscure ROM somewhere to me does not count as a software update. Things were at the discretion of carriers and OEMs back then, except to an arguably worse degree.

Windows Mobile was wholly incompatible, save for some HTC hacks, it didn't even have capacative touch support, mostly had super low resolution screens, and again save for the HD7, did not support the minimum processing requirements.

This is a HUGE reason why your average customer is not taking a risk buying a WP device right now...they aren't dumb, they see how MS has bungled over the past few years (Windows Mobile, Kin, Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 7.8, etc) and doing a few simple Google searches will tell the story.

So you think the average consumers Googles Windows Mobile, Kin, and even knows the difference about Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8?

I really don't think that's true, and even if it was true to a limited extent, I really really don't think this is the limiting factor in sales.

Unless MS can convince people that WP8 hardware is indeed upgradable, people will shy away. End of story. The ball is in their court and they had better address this if they have any hope of staying in the market.

I agree with your premise that they should be more transparent, that's always good. I just think you draw the wrong conclusion. Spotty updates are a symptom of a larger problem, not the cause of the problem.

Microsoft needs to take Windows Phone seriously, and that includes updates, and with that, will come increased sales.

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