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Mozilla & Gecko clones "Still, Firefox OS could have a big impact on the Web even if it never gains significant market share. By pushing the Web forward, Mozilla is helping to ensure that mobile websites will continue to be relevant even as developers create hundreds of thousands of proprietary apps. Firefox could lose the battle for the smartphone OS market but still win the war for open standards."
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RE[2]: Reviewer is a dumbass.
by darknexus on Thu 28th Mar 2013 22:39 UTC in reply to "RE: Reviewer is a dumbass."
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It does sound like the standard linux time zone selection screen. To be honest, I hate that selection screen! If I didn't already know that Chicago is in Central Time Zone, I wouldn't know which one to pick, considering Chicago is nearly 1000 miles away from me here in Texas!

Yeah, what the hell happened to the simple Time zone info database we had about ten years ago? In that one I could pick "US/Eastern" or "US/Pacific." You actually can still do this as these files do exist, but you have to symlink /etc/localtime manually which won't really work with Firefox OS. Who's dumb ass idea was that anyway? It's not like every damn city has its own time zone, and most of those files are just duplicates for god's sake.

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RE[3]: Reviewer is a dumbass.
by tidux on Fri 29th Mar 2013 13:54 in reply to "RE[2]: Reviewer is a dumbass."
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> It's not like every damn city has its own time zone,

Many of them do. The reason there are all those mentions of Indiana is that Indiana doesn't follow standard time zone behavior, so there are three time zones at work depending on where you are in the state. Roughly the eastern third is on eastern time, the western third is on central time, and the middle third stays on eastern standard time all year. The entire state of Arizona stays on mountain standard time all year because daylight is not really something you want to maximize in the Sonoran desert.

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Regarding Arizona: The Navajo territories in the northeastern part of the state do follow Daylight Saving Time, so for part of the year they are on a different clock than the rest of Arizona.

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