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BeOS & Derivatives "Last Friday Oliver and I met up to discuss the state of things and how we intend to proceed. The run-time support for package management in Haiku (in the package management branch, of course) is in pretty good shape already. With the system itself and all the third-party software living in packages the system boots and is fully functional."
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RE: Comment by drcouzelis
by Valhalla on Sun 31st Mar 2013 16:31 UTC in reply to "Comment by drcouzelis"
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Yes, also here's hoping these contracts finally bring package management to such a finished state that it no longer acts as a R1 showstopper.

Of course being able to upgrade my Haiku system with a simple shell command or a gui button click will mean a great deal for useability.

I'd love to see R1 released this year, and with that a gradual migration away from Beos r5 backwards compability and all the system cruft baggage that came along with it.

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