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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless So, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Microsoft was very close to take over Nokia, but that the talks eventually broke down, probably beyond repair - at least for now. The reasons the talks broke down illustrate something that I have repeatedly tried to make clear for a long time now: Nokia isn't doing well.
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I think they would regain lots of brand status.

More like lost in the sea of Samsung Android devices.

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Its better to bee 4-6% Android OEM that can differentiate by hardware and some services, and UI, and apps, and mods to OS.

Than to be unprofitable 2% WinP OEM who can differentiate only by hardware.

And Nokia do not sell Lumias with profts...

So it would change little market presence and no profits to small market presence and little profits.

If that is wrong approach.................

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