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Microsoft "In a large staff memo, Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer details how the company is aiming for a 'One Microsoft', by altering its organization around the 'devices and services' vision. Terry Myerson will lead a new operating systems engineering group that will span across console, mobile device, and PC. Myerson used to lead the Windows Phone group at Microsoft. Julie Larson-Green takes over a new devices and studios engineering group."
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To be expected..
by reduz on Thu 11th Jul 2013 19:31 UTC
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Microsoft is a company that always needed a lot of time and iterations to get products to a mature status, and they always develop all their technology and platforms in-house.

Their competition has grown accustomed to using open platforms and technologies and share a large part of their development efforts with other companies or the community.

Microsoft just can't catch up using their obsolete model of doing everything in-house, not only they are more expensive, but also it pisses off the developer community each time they abandon a technology they introduced a few years ago promising it as the future.

They simply don't have enough resources to develop everything in-house anymore, it's obvious when you see IE11, Windows 8 or WP8, which are full of neat ideas but feel crippled and buggy compared to the competition.

It's not enough with restructuring, they need a change of management that accepts they can't compete anymore against open technologies.

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