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Microsoft "Microsoft's Surface RT is getting price cuts across the world this week as the company looks to boost sales of its first ever tablet hardware." Great vote of confidence on a platform barely out the door.
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Given that Windows RT devices have to use PCIe to connect peripherals, it would have been stupendously easy to have a generic "RT device" kernel build for Linux or FreeBSD...

Which is why Microsoft locked the bootloader. I can't disagree with that decision: they're not in the business of subsidising ARM tablets for Linux users, and it's their platform so their rules.

At the same time I still don't care enough to buy one, although I don't even care enough to buy a £100 Android tablet so that's not exactly a significant metric.

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Neither is Google, but they don't lock the Nexus devices. Would be nice to dual boot Windows/Android..

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Wouldn't it be the opposite? You're paying for Windows without using it. I guess you're assuming they are selling at a loss here?

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