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On Wednesday, the House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to consider legislation aimed at reining in abusive patent litigation. But one of the bill's most important provisions, designed to make it easier to nix low-quality software patents, will be left on the cutting room floor. That provision was the victim of an aggressive lobbying campaign by patent-rich software companies such as IBM and Microsoft.

These companies also happen to have the largest lobbying corruption budgets. This is never going to change.

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Ah, Google the SEP suer (via Motorola of course), but that's just one of the many things you can blame them for. Well, not YOU of course.

All companies, including Apple, do stuff we don't like. You just like to single out Apple and/or promote them to be the biggest baddy of all while you let other companies completely off the hook.

Apple became patent-aggresive after the Google betrayal with Android. Like it or dislike it, but Apple sues within the law and rules. Unlike, let's pick Google and Samsung, who abuse SEPs. Blame the system, not the players.

It's like claiming a sport player is evil, because within the rules he's better than anyone else and promoting players who break the rules in order to stop the best player to heros.

The system is now challenged, but on a list of companies not liking this there is no Apple to be seen, yet still you claim them to be the worst. They are the #1 target for patent trolls. They should love a change of rules.

They can never do any good in your eyes. Even if they do you'll suggest a hidden evil motive.

It's simple, if companies rip off Apple Apple strikes back. But this procedure can be so lengthy and the punishment so small that a company like Samsung will keep doing it because it makes them more money in the end.

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like it or dislike it, but Apple sues within the law and rules.

As most patent trolls do. Current laws and rules have too many holes. MS was targeted by patent trolls as well, they don't oppose the reform when it's affecting NPEs, but they oppose reform which affects their fake patents. Why Apple isn't on the list is interesting though, since I don't see their position being too different from Microsoft's on this one.

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A number of people wonder about it, but Thom doesn't.

Bigger companies are effected in bigger ways. Apple is big so they must have looked at this very carefully, yet decided to take no action meaning they probably agree. if they didn't there would be no shame in joining a long list that include some other big names. Them being on the list would increase its weights.

But despite being labeled the baddest by Thom they aren't on it.

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Do not worry, that apple fanboi suit doesn't make you look fat...

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We can go a fancy dress together. Me as a fanboy and you as a troll.

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