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The Microsoft CEO succession process appears to be stalled. This is a company with immense human, technical, and financial resources; the tech industry is filled with intelligent, energetic, dedicated candidates. What's wrong with the matchmaking process?

The gist: Microsoft needs someone strong enough to stand up to the old guard still looking over everyone's shoulder (Gates and Ballmer) - and essentially dismiss them - since the company needs to look to the future, not the past.

Good luck with that.

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No it isnt
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Meh. I've had enough with the 21st century and the Metro interface. Throwing every resource at touchscreens and making a system not suited for laptops or desktops was a mistake. Microsoft should have kept what worked well enough.

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It's like you stopped reading his post after the first line.

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You mean the part where he said they needed to do away with their enterprise IT customers?

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