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Mozilla & Gecko clones After three release candidate builds, Firefox 1.5 is expected to be made available for download this week. And when it does arrive, it will be accompanied by a marketing campaign aimed at getting Firefox 1.0 users to upgrade and convincing users of other browsers to switch.
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RE: Memory
by RawMustard on Tue 29th Nov 2005 08:54 UTC in reply to "Memory"
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How can you keep a browser open for a week on windows, and why would you? And IE6 will not operate for a whole week, day in and day out with out restarting itself at least once! At least Firefox will run for that week!

Windows is more poo!

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RE[2]: Memory
by Tom K on Tue 29th Nov 2005 17:04 in reply to "RE: Memory"
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Oh how wrong you are. The last time I checked, my main PC running Server 2003 SP1 had an uptime of 50 days or so, all of which have been spent running browsers, IM clients, FTP/SMB servers, media players, and whatever other junk I have running on it right now.

All of those applications, IE included, run without problems for however long I want them to run (usually before I decide to fiddle with the hardware yet again) -- except Firefox. Firefox needs to be restarted every few days because it just starts slowing the *entire* goddamn system down.

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