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BSD and Darwin derivatives Fans of DragonFly BSD will be getting their Christmas present late this year, and plans for 1.5 have been announced. MP safe networking code, the long awaited cache coherency management system, and a port of Sun's ZFS. Read here for more. Update: Refresh, empty cache, whatever, and check the shiny new beastie icon! And there was much rejoicing. Can we now please discuss DragonFly BSD?
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RE: Childish and Inane Editors
by Thom_Holwerda on Sun 18th Dec 2005 19:40 UTC in reply to "Childish and Inane Editors"
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You guys got what you wanted-- we probably created a whole new set of enemies because we eliminated the Darwin category/logo.

Stop being a childish little prat Thom!

Excuse me? Childish? Who started this silly discussion over an *icon*?

and "95%" of the articles are FreeBSD related under the BSD category do

For what it's worth, and I've only mentioned it like, what, 12874239340438682356348583045 times, there was no such thing as a "BSD" category. We had a "FreeBSD and other BSDs" category. But now, you have your "Other BSDs" category.

And there was much rejoicing.

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