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Linux "Progression Desktop allows you to transfer files and settings from Windows desktops to Linux desktops in an automated fashion. Desktop "personalities" and data are quickly moved across operating systems and applications to ensure a seamless transition to Linux. Progression Desktop moves critical data, application settings, network shares, desktop settings, directory structures and more in a predictable and repeatable fashion. Migrate Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express to Novell Evolution, KMail, Mozilla or Thunderbird, Microsoft Internet Explorer to Mozilla, Firefox or Konqueror, Microsoft Office to and more."
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by DrillSgt on Sat 24th Dec 2005 03:01 UTC
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Just tried it. Although it does work to move settings, from what I gathered in my reading the program would migrate contacts and email from Outlook and such. It does not do that. All it migrates is SETTINGS, which are the least amount of time to move from one to the other. They mention 7 hours per computer for a manual move. That would be if you have to convert all the outlook mail to Evolution readable format. This transfers your bookmarks, desktop background, email account settings, etc. The mail still needs to be manually converted and moved, as do the contacts and such. If you had hundreds of migrations it MAY be worth the $10, otherwise is a waste of money. So it remains a long drawn out process to convert to Outlook to Evolution. It is quicker using Thunderbird actually, since Thunderbird will convert all the mail from Outlook, but then you still have to export your contacts. This is not the solution it appears to claim.

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RE: Misleading
by msheffey on Thu 29th Dec 2005 19:11 in reply to "Misleading"
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Hi Eric-
Sorry to hear that you had some problems with Progression Desktop. It indeed is designed to move your outlook mail to Evolution and handle all of the conversion of the data. The same for contacts, calendar entries, and tasks.
We look forward to working with you to ensure that Progression Desktop performs the way you are expecting it to.

Best regards,
Mike Sheffey

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