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Syllable, AtheOS The Syllable team has released an update to their latest 0.6.0 release-- Syllable 0.6.0a. This release will fix the most pressing bugs found in the 0.6.0 release, which can be found in the changelog. If you have already installed 0.6.0, you can use the upgrade package. Downloads are here.
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Why you should be interested:

Unlike current OpenSource systems, Syllable has been designed as a desktop Operating System. It is a complete OS, rather than a distribution of loosly assembled components. The system requirements are light, yet it carries many of the features you would expect to find in a desktop Operating System. It is tightly integrated, which reduces complexity and use of resources. Hardware support is pretty good (for a non-mainstream Operating System) The design is logical (& any usability issues found in current releases will be gone by the time we release version 1.0) The guiding principle has always been Keep It Simple, Stupid.

If you're a developer, Syllable offers a decent, upto date GNU toolchain, 99% POSIX/SuS compliance, an interesting and useful set of system-specific interfaces (E.g. file system attributes), a slim but complete GUI written in C++ that has a logical and orthangonal API. We also have a fully functional multi-media API, and we'll soon be adding an internet library that will take the hard work out of managing remote resources. The developer community is lively and friendly, and there is plenty of oppurtunity for a dedicated hacker to make their mark.

Syllable is just that good that you should at least keep an eye on us. Heck, when not give the latest LiveCD a try, once it's released? You've nothing to lose, after all!

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Vanders is being a bit modest. Hardware support is *fantastic*, for a non-mainstream OS project.

The developers are extremely well tempered and friendly, like Vanders said. The project makes relatively quick progress and implements a few very interesting features (though most of it is stuff you'd expect in a mainstream desktop OS, or at least wish for). A very refreshing group to keep an eye on.

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I notice you only discussed the C++ side of development.

Python? Ruby? Java? Mono?

Or is this strictly a C++ environment?

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Python port: Yes (might need some work)
Ruby port: Yes
Java port: In the works (FLOSS java, nothing from Sun)
Mono port: haven't heard of one yet.

As far as I know there are no GUI bindings any language, but that doesn't mean the community would welcome a developer willing to work on bindings (if you want to do this look at the KDE bindings for Ruby and Python, they have some interesting alternatives to SWIG).
Syllable is not monolingual, but the community is not large enough to port and maintain GUI bindings for all the languages developers might want to use. If you want to use one of these languages you will have to put some extra work into it at the moment.

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Come down off your cloud there, champ. If I made that comment in the syllable forum, then you'd have a point. Don't blame me for you being lazy.

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