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Apple Computer Guru has a theoretical solution to the Intel-Macs-Won't-Boot-Windows problem. All you need, according to him, is a set of Acronis applications, a clean install of Windows XP on another computer, Vista boot files, bcdedit, a Windows Vista DVD, and of course an Intel Mac. Please note that all of his ideas are pure theory, as he does not own a MacBook Pro or Intel iMac. Someone who does should try to verify this.
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RE[2]: Assumption
by weckart on Mon 30th Jan 2006 08:07 UTC in reply to "RE: Assumption"
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Is that a fact? Someone should tell Roxio. Toast seems to think my Mac formatted CDs and DVDs are using the HFS+ file system.

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RE[3]: Assumption
by memson on Mon 30th Jan 2006 16:54 in reply to "RE[2]: Assumption"
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Actually, AFAIK, Toast supports a dual OS format called "hybrid". This is both ISO9660 and HFS compatible... ISTR all it does is write two partition tables - one for Mac and one for ISO9660, but certainly, it would seem to be an option. However, windows would still have to understand the position it was in at boot time. This is probably where it'd fall down.

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