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Novell and Ximian Novell plans to release a beta for its Linux Desktop 10 including new features offering better interoperability with Microsoft Office and Open Office, said Ted Haeger, Novell's director of user communities, at the Southern California Linux Expo. The beta, tentatively scheduled for release next month, will include a new feature, dubbed Xgl. Haeger said Xgl will allow users to jump between screens and multiple desktops. Targeted to CAD software users, Xgl has a practical side that allows users to have better window- and file-sharing capabilities.
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Need for speed
by moleskine on Thu 16th Feb 2006 10:52 UTC
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Well and good. SuSE usually do six-monthly releases so this one seems well on schedule after version 10.

Personally I am more interested in two things other than the Xgl stuff. The first is YaST/YOU and packaging/repos. SuSE 10 used various different methods of package management including apt if you wanted. I'd much prefer it if SuSE settled on just one method for their future needs and then tweaked it up to perform extremely well.

Second, there is the seemingly perennial SuSE problem of speed and responsiveness. Debian Unstable here runs much faster than SuSE 10, with both using preloading. Firefox on Debian opens in about three seconds whereas SuSE takes noticeably longer, for example. SuSE has always been a little sluggish, imho, and perhaps it's time they dealt with that. Whatever the reason - conservative compile/kernel settings? - it is starting to make SuSE look a little flat-footed these days.

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RE: Need for speed
by halfmanhalfamazing on Thu 16th Feb 2006 14:16 in reply to "Need for speed"
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I've noticed that myself. I went from fedora to suse primarily because of YaST, but the speed difference I've noticed is significant.

Hopefully OS 10.1 will raise the performance bar.

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