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Windows "I've been looking at the 'My desktop OS'-articles, and found that I'll have to be the one writing one for Windows XP. To be honest, Windowx XP is very close to being usable on the desktop. I say very close, because it's not so out of the box. There is a few issues, however and many of them arises when you need to reinstall. You do need to reinstall Windows from time to time - it's just a fact of life!"
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Not a fact of life
by Yamin on Fri 17th Feb 2006 20:33 UTC
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I've never had to reinstall windows XP on my laptop and I don't think I ever will. It's not a fact of life ;)

Even many people who get malware infected PCs and everything. THey don't reinstall anymore. They just clean up.

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RE: Not a fact of life
by JLF65 on Fri 17th Feb 2006 21:03 in reply to "Not a fact of life"
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Yes, it IS a fact of life. Even if you never install ANYTHING else on it, some MS updates have left the system in a state that requires a reinstall. MS had one like that just a month or two ago.

Now add commercial programs. Even if you stick to major publishers and purchase only from reputable software dealers, many programs install dlls which conflict with some Windows dlls. Some will require you to update certain parts of Windows (most notably DirectX). All those can leave the system unbootable under certain circumstances.

Then add third-party hardware driver updates that may crash the system, and exploits that can corrupt the system just from visiting a webpage, and hackers who might break into your box just because you have an active internet connection.

Not reinstalling Windows is the oddity - a rare occurence to be celebrated. You have managed to avoid a fate the average person has to deal with all too often. Don't get cocky. You're just lucky, not special, and certainly not the average user.

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RE[2]: Not a fact of life
by gpierce on Fri 17th Feb 2006 21:24 in reply to "RE: Not a fact of life"
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You can avoid infections and worms, and yet, still, over time it seems, to me at least, that performance--speed of bootup, time for applications to start and stop, time for the computer to shutdown--progressively degrades. It's not so much the computer freezing and blue screening--just getting slower and slower. Why is this? I am not at all certain. In my experience, though somehwat limited as I do not regularly use Windows anyomore, except at work, a Windows install will run pretty well for up to two years, and then there is a slowdown. The good news is that a fresh re-install of Windows XP is usually pretty easy though time consuming. After a re-install things run much more briskly! :-)

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RE: Not a fact of life
by jessta on Sat 18th Feb 2006 03:59 in reply to "Not a fact of life"
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and I'm sure they know exactly what the malware changed on their systems(I guess using some kind of remote system log or something like tripwire) and now are confident that they can do their online banking without any trouble.

- Jesse McNelis

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RE: Not a fact of life
by EmmEff on Sun 19th Feb 2006 00:53 in reply to "Not a fact of life"
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I'm running the same two year old installation of Windows XP that was installed when I built the machine. I have not had any problems with spyware or viruses. I agree that regular reinstalls are not a fact of life.

I've a developer and software has been installed/uninstalled many many many times over. I don't install warez or other questionnable apps either.

Some people have bad luck, I guess...

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