Top-Ten Virus Chart for 2001

Sophos, a world leader in corporate anti-virus protection, has revealed that just two viruses, Nimda and Sircam, accounted for almost 50% of the reports received by Sophos's helpdesk during 2001. Code Red, the most hyped virus of the year, does not even appear in the top ten. Sophos has detected 11,160 new viruses, worms and Trojan horses to date this year, bringing the total protected against to almost 70,000. On average, the Sophos virus labs produce detection routines for over 30 viruses each day.

Mandrake Linux for IA-64 Available

Mandrake Software sent us the following announcement: "With Mandrake Linux 8.1 for Itanium-based architecture, MandrakeSoft is proud to provide businesses with a robust and scalable Linux solution for high performance computing. Mandrake Linux 8.1 for Itanium has been fully tested with numerous HP, IBM and Bull configurations. This new release offers the same features as Mandrake Linux 8.1, but has been optimized for the IA-64 architecture."

Can Yellow Dog Learn New Tricks?

Last week RedHat entered into the PowerPC market, leaving Yellow Dog Linux, the distribution that is a port of RedHat to the PowerPC, in a precarious position. When SuSE and Mandrake also entered the PPC market, LinuxPPC was the first of the PPC-only Linux companies that put a break into their further development. As PPC-only Linux company, where is YDL will be standing in the near future? Read the editorial at TuxPPC.

Her Majesty Rocks No More With Penguins

In the latest NetCraft survey, the Queen of England has switched from Linux to IIS. Two years ago the Queen of England became an unlikely icon for the Linux revolution when her webmaster replaced Solaris as the platform for the Royal Family's site, with the Dell/Linux platform when the previous incumbent, Sun/Solaris, had reached the end of their life cycle. The open source community celebrated and speculated on when the Apache web server might receive the "By Royal Appointment" moniker. This week the site has changed platforms again, this time to Microsoft-IIS.

Linux at Work with Ximian

Ximian, Inc., an open source software company, not only announced the 1.0 release of their Evolution e-mail client, but also the availability of Ximian Connector for Microsoft Exchange. Ximian Connector for Microsoft Exchange will finally allow users to connect to their business' Exchange servers from their Linux workstations. Update by ELQ: An interesting editorial regarding Ximian's flirt with Exchange can be found at the LinuxPlanet.

Warp3D for AmigaDE Enabled Devices

Hyperion Entertainment announced it has finalised an initial AmigaDE version of its 'Warp3D' technology. At only 56 KB it is well suited for low-end devices like PDA’s, web-tablets and 3G phones. Apex Designs is the first to announce the porting of a popular 3D Amiga game Payback to the AmigaDE. The initial AmigaDE version will not use Warp3D technology however. Have a look at these these screenshots for some of the PDA/cellphone targetted AmigaDE software currently available from the AmigaDE shop. More information and screenshots inside.

ExtremeTech on GameCube vs. Xbox

"Xbox and GameCube both have gamers slathering, and for the same basic three reasons: games, games, and yes, games. Content is what decides which console succeeds and which one augers in, and both Xbox and GameCube look strong out of the gate. So the game-based buying decision will come down to a matter of game preferences, and how addicted you are to Miyamoto-designed games, which can only be had on the GameCube. But let's look past the games for a bit. Who's got the better hardware design? Whose is more forward-looking? Which is more likely to run out of gas first? For the answers to these and other vexing techie questions, read on." Second part of the very interesting three-part article over at ExtremeTech. First part of the article can be found here.

A First Look at Kylix 2 Open Edition

"Obviously, Kylix OE is not a moneymaker for Borland. It is a gift to the open source community. That community does not even represent Borland's target developer market. Borland customers are, for the most part, programmers and IT shops firmly entrenched in the Windows world. It's aimed at Delphi users who are branching out from writing for the Windows platform to Linux. Not the other way around." Get the rest of the story at LinuxWorld.

Microsoft Announces Availability of WindowsXP Embedded

Microsoft recently announced at the launch of the WindowsXP Embedded operating system that more than 15 industry-leading companies have committed to shipping their next-generation devices based on Windows XP Embedded within the first half of 2002. WindowsXP Embedded, the componentized version of the WindowsXP operating system, enables rapid development of the most reliable and full-featured connected devices including retail point-of-sale devices, thin clients, gaming systems, self-service kiosks, industrial automation, residential gateways, and advanced set-top boxes. In addition, Microsoft announced a free evaluation kit, as well as a 90-day promotional price of $995 USD (estimated retail price) for the WindowsXP Embedded tool suite.

Amiga Expo – an Alternative Platforms Show Announced

AmigaExpo is a new show growing out of the Amiga's growing inclusion of other alternative platforms. From the Unix-based Universal Amiga Emulator (UAE), Linux based Amithlon, and QNX-based AmigaXL packages - the Amiga scene is becoming more and more platform agnostic and this is reflected in this show. While the usual Amiga celebrities and exhibitors are confirmed, QNX has also signed up to exhibit and many others including Robot builders, Retro gamers, Palm developers and more will be there as well.

Oracle to Introduce Beefed Up 9i Database

"Looking to jump-start sales in the face of stiff competition and a nasty economy, Oracle is set to disclose plans for new software and a revamped version of its flagship database-management application at a customer conference in San Francisco next week. The new release of Oracle 9i database, which will be available early next year, will better handle XML (Extensible Markup Language) data, a Web standard for data exchange that lets companies construct e-commerce and new Web services applications, said Oracle executives." In related news, Microsoft released Service Pack 2 for SQL Server 2000. Because SQL Server Service Packs are cumulative, SP2 includes all fixes from previously released Service Pack 1 (SP1), and can be applied to an original installation or to one where Service Pack 1 (SP1) was previously applied.

Torvalds: Linux Was Not Designed

A thread on the Linux Kernel mailing list started innocently enough about proper spacing in source code, then grew and grew into a somewhat philosophical debate about evolution and code design. The subject of the thread was "Coding style - a non-issue". However, before long a debate was sparked, leading to some interesting comments by Linus and some others, perhaps best summarized by Alan Cox's comment: "Engineering does not require science. Science helps a lot but people built perfectly good brick walls long before they knew why cement works." and Linus Torvalds: "And I know better than most that what I envisioned 10 years ago has _nothing_ in common with what Linux is today. There was certainly no premeditated design there."

gobeProductive Beta 2 Released

The second beta of the promising office suite gobeProductive 3 has been released. The Windows download file only weighs 6.3 MB and it includes further bug fixes and some new features. Remember to send bug reports to Gobe by stating your software and hardware setup along with a explanatory description of the bug. In related news, OpenOffice 6 Build 641b has also been released for Windows (47 MB), SPARC Solaris (68 MB) and Linux (75 MB).

Apple Pulls OSX Guidelines After Developer Protest

"Apple yesterday withdrew its latest OS X development guidelines after the document raised a storm of protest. Published four days ago, Apple posted Technical Information Note TN2034 containing advice on good programming practice for Mac OS X. Traffic on the list - usually confined to discussion of arcane programming tips - mushroomed as developers expressed their dissent." Read the rest of the story at TheRegister, along with further explanations about this story which apparently has a NeXT background.

ComputerWorld on the Future of Linux

"I predict that Linux will eventually be at the foundation of nearly every enterprise system and that the whole issue of which server operating system to choose will then disappear into ambient background noise. It's not often that I make predictions about predictions, but because the above prophecy is so bold, I'll make an exception: I predict that this will turn out to be one of the easiest predictions I've ever made." Nicholas Petreley predicts the future of Linux for ComputerWorld.

Secret of ‘Ginger’ to be Revealed?

Is Ginger a breathtaking device that will change the world, or just another Scooter-like invention? "Good Morning America" anchor Diane Sawyer said earlier this week that the show will reveal what Ginger--also known as IT--is next week on the show. So far, all we know are clues gathered from filed patents, which are about methods for making a "personal mobility vehicle" that could carry people up stairs or over other irregular surfaces. Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs and CEO Jeff Bezos have seen the device, with Jobs going so far as to say it could prompt builders to construct cities around it.