Microsoft to Release XP SP1 within 10 Days; Judge on the Java Issue

Microsoft Corp. said it plans to distribute an update of the Windows XP operating system within 10 days as part of an effort to comply with the terms of an antitrust agreement with the U.S. Justice Department. Also, the judge overseeing Sun Microsystems Inc.'s antitrust suit against Microsoft Corp. said he will consider ordering the world's largest software company to include Sun's Java programming language in its Windows operating system.

IE on the Rise; Netscape’s Share Continues to Shrink

Netscape browsers have continued to lose market share at a steady clip, falling to a new low of 3.4 percent as of this week, according to new figures. A year ago, Netscape's market share stood at 13 percent, but fell steeply to 7 percent by March, as IE 6 gained popularity. IE has now reached 96 percent market penetration, according to StatMarket, up from 87 percent a year ago. Mozilla gained some market share when it finally reached a 1.0 release earlier this year, but browsers such as Mozilla and Opera still only accounted for less than 1 percent of the market, StatMarket said.

A Linux PPC Developer Favors MacOSX Jaguar to Linux

"Jaguar is the desktop that Linux should have had. I mean, don't get me wrong, KDE3 is very cool if you soup it up a bit, and I'm really enjoying GNOME2 on my actual cooker-based workstation. But OS X, and Aqua, have an elegance and refinement that KDE and GNOME are just lacking. Which leads me to believe that Linux has no future on PPC hardware as a desktop. Apple has that covered. Unless you're absolutely against commercial software, you don't need to use Linux." Read Vincent Danen's article. Vincent is a co-owner Danen Consulting Service and a Linux Mandrake employee.

QliTech Announces Choice of Linux Preloads on Apple Macs

An Illinois company that has shipped Linux preloaded on PCs since 1998 now offers a choice of four Linux distributions on Apple machines, the company has announced. QliTech Linux Computers will ship Apple notebook and desktop systems with SuSE PPC, Mandrake PPC, Debian PPC, or Gentoo PPC configured to dual boot with OSX, says QliTech's Ray Sanders. Recently, Terra Soft Solutions, Inc. announced the availability of Apple computers with Yellow Dog Linux pre-installed as well.

Microsoft Discloses More Windows Code

Microsoft on Tuesday disclosed technical information vital to allowing third-party developers to create software that works well with Windows. Completion of the disclosure clears the way for the release of Windows XP Service Pack 1, the first major update to the operating system Microsoft launched in October. Among other things, Service Pack 1 contains a new control for setting default middleware programs, such as Web browsers and instant messaging software.

The Jagwyre Review; Its Sales Break Apple Record

"Using Mac OS X is like touring a land of fabulous ancient treasures - with a tourist authority that's still busy renovating them, and that hasn't quite completed the infrastructure. The sights can be breathtaking, but the roads are potholed and incomplete, and sometimes you have to get out and push." Read the review at TheRegister. More than 100,000 copies of OS X 10.2 are sold worldwide during its first weekend, and 50,000 people visited company stores Friday night, ZDNews reports.

Sun, Be Inc.’s Cases Against Microsoft Moved to Maryland

Sun Microsystems and Be Inc. lost bids to keep their antitrust cases against Microsoft from being sent to a court handling more than 100 other lawsuits against the world's biggest software maker. A panel of federal judges said it moved the California cases to a Maryland court to expedite pretrial fact-finding proceedings. Lawyers have said that the East Coast court is more conservative on antitrust issues and that could favor Microsoft. Read more here and here.

Mozilla 1.1 Released

The new version of Mozilla, 1.1, is released for many operating systems. Release notes here. Opinion: Check the screenshot, showing Mozilla's slow UI (XUL) performance on a dual Celeron @ 533. Before you comment on it, please read the already published comments, because we explain more over there. Update: I added a comment with the image attachment on Mozilla's BugZilla. There was already a bug entry for this, which suggests more people having problems with this behavior. See? I am not mad... Update2: And here is another bug submitted by someone else, with the same problem, and his shot. His bug is marked as "Verified". But it is still not fixed.

Is Red Hat the Next Redmond?

Concern is growing in the Linux community that the forthcoming UnitedLinux distribution will not be able to meet the enterprise server challenge of Red Hat Inc. in the United States. Red Hat's dominance is worrisome to some industry players, who say the Raleigh, N.C., company needs effective competition to prevent it from becoming a Microsoft among Linux vendors and to ensure the operating system continues to develop in an open way. The article is at eWeek. Update: NewsForge has an editorial too.

.NET and J2EE Web Services Interoperability Demonstration

This IBM article shows how J2EE (WebSphere for Linux) and .NET can work together using Web services standards. Specifically it explains how EJBs can interact with COM+ components using Web services standards developed on WebSphere Studio and Visual Studio .Net. You can download WebSphere Studio for Linux. Update: On a related note, Microsoft released its Web Services Development Kit Technology Preview.

Usability Shootout: MacOSX vs. WindowsXP

"Let's take an in depth look at the basic usability of these 2 OSes. Is it no longer true Macs are easier than PCs? Has Windows XP finally caught up with (and maybe even surpassed) Mac OS X? To get a little more clarity on this topic, I decided to look at the 2 OSes—Mac OS X 10.2 and Windows XP— in depth, and cover usability issues such as networking, windows and keyboard controls, voice feedback and voice recognition, the Dock vs. the Taskbar, Find/Search, Help, and much more." OSX scores 23 points against XP which scores only... 10. Read the article at WebMaster Mac.

Microsoft Developer Tools Roadmap 2002–2004

This document contains a summary of Microsoft's plan for Visual Studio .NET and the .NET Framework over the next two releases. Designed to assist customers in their planning process, it is not a comprehensive "feature dump," but more an overview of general themes and direction—an explanation of the development issues that Microsoft is planning to help customers address in each new release.

Going Overboard on Open Source?

"Open source is supposed to be about freedom. Unfortunately, certain advocates have lost sight of that goal. People should be free to use software which best fits their needs, whether or not it adheres to a particular programming philosophy. I suggest that open source proponents spend their time crafting interoperability guidelines rather than creating a protected environment, which artificially boosts open-source adoption while hiding it from the full rigors of competition." Read the editorial at ZDNet.