Bringing Objective-C to Windows 98 SE and NT 4.0

After bringing Objective-C to the Amiga, why not to some older Windows versions as well?

Yesterday, I got the idea to port ObjFW to Windows NT 4.0. Considering the lowest supported Windows version so far was Windows XP, this seemed like it would not be too much work. However, the biggest problem was getting a toolchain that still supports Windows NT 4.0!


After the compiler no longer created binaries that had missing symbols on Windows NT 4.0 […] and a few minor changes later, all tests were running successfully.


Later that evening, I wanted to take things further and thought: If we have Windows NT 4.0 now, why not Windows 98 SE as well? […] So now it was time to port everything else to the A APIs and voilà, all tests are running successfully.


  1. 2020-05-21 9:45 am
  2. 2020-05-21 2:14 pm