Limine and TomatBoot

As I was browsing back and forth around the website for skiftOS yesterday, I came across two more interesting related projects – two bootloaders with very specific goals. First, Limine:

Limine is an advanced x86/x86_64 BIOS Bootloader that supports modern PC features such as Long Mode, 5-level paging, multi-core startup, and more thanks to the stivale and stivale2 boot protocols.

Second, since Limine does not support EUFI, they mention TomatBoot, which uses the same boot protocols but in an EUFI environment:

TomatBoot is a simple kernel loader for 64bit UEFI based systems.

The gold of this bootloader is to serve as an example of how to create UEFI applications, we use the edk2 headers/libraries without the edk2 buildsystem for simplicity.